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Since joining the beauty community in 2011, I've been lucky enough to attend many events and meet many of my fellow beauty lovers. Along the way I have made some amazing friends (Rosi, Ellie, Emily, Sabrina... to name a few), and I have also found myself idolising others.

My first experience meeting a YouTuber who was much bigger than me was at IMATS - remember when that was a fun thing that we all attended. I was stood with some of my friends, and was amazed when 'A' walked over. In my excitement, I smiled at 'A' and was ready to have a conversation, only to be looked at through and completely ignored. After leaving, I felt that it must have just been what 'A' was like in real life, and immediately felt that I would unsubscribe from them - I guess it made me feel completely naive to what I see online.

I had lots of moments after this point, where I would reach out to other beauty YouTubers (some the same size, some bigger and some smaller than me), and I only ever received a handful of replies, although what was obvious was that the bigger YouTubers were least likely to reply.

Then in January 2017 I attended the GoGlam Gala event, which was actually a really lovely event. However, my eyes were to be opened again to the ugly truth of the beauty community. Initially I was pleased as I got to attend this with Rosi, but the events that unfolded really told me that I didn't enjoy this 'community' and that actually it was as far from a 'community' as it could be.

Once we arrived in London, we got to our air B&B and waited outside for a few hours so that we could get in. During that time we went to see Aisling at her air B&B which was a huge house full of other beauty bloggers. When we entered the house, Aisling couldn't have been more welcoming and friendly, however, the rest of the girls all looked up from their phone and looked back down and that was when the welcoming feeling disappeared. Whilst there, we also realised that not being a bigger blogger/youtuber in the bigger air B&B meant that we were left out of a lot of the things that had been arranged for the day - and once 'B' realised this, she couldn't contain her snort at the embarrassment for us.

The plus side of this day is that I did meet Lydia Millen, and she is as lovely in person as she is in her YouTube videos - someone who really deserves success. 'B' wasn't too impressed by Lydia, and continued to make comment on how much Lydia must have charged to be there, and how she can charge so much for events. It absolutely stank of jealousy, and it wasn't pretty.

Many other occasions appeared where bloggers had outrightly admitted to writing a review on products they had been sent but never used, only so that they could obtain the products. I have been completely gobsmacked by some of the things that people have been happy to admit to doing.

Overall, a lot of my experiences with the beauty community haven't been great - and things that I continue to read don't fill me with optimism. However, I'm hoping that sharing my experiences with you will remove the blinkers that might make you think that it is all roses.

I wouldn't ever leave the beauty community completely as it is a passion of mine, but I am very mindful about which events I attend (if any nowadays), and I also remember that what I see online isn't always what you will see in real life.

Sorry for the completely negative post, but it's something I've wanted to share for a long time. I promise to bring back the positive vibes in my next post! xoxo

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