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I am a big lover of makeup, that's no secret. I've spent as little as £1 on products, but I've also spent a lot more than that - because of this I always want my makeup to be stored in a place that I can look after it well. I'm still a lover of a makeup bag, even when I'm just using my makeup at home, I like that all of my everyday essentials are stored in one place.

I was contacted by The Flat Lay Company, and I was really excited to receive the makeup bag that they were offering to let me try.

The idea behind these makeup bags is that you can fully open up the makeup bags, and not only will they store your makeup in but they will help protect the surface where your makeup is - you don't have to set the makeup down outside of the bag, you can do it all whilst using the space of the makeup bag itself.

What makes it super handy is that it has a drawstring, which helps to pull it open and close it up within seconds. This also means that when you are in a rush, it's really easy to close it up and carry your makeup away with the handle provided. The zip on the inside means you can protect smaller items to prevent you from losing them, as well as a pocket on the outside for any larger items that don't require as much protection.

It's needless to say, I am in love with this makeup bag, and over time my love for it has strengthened as I find it even more helpful when staying with family or friends, or travelling abroad on a nice holiday.


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