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I've never been a fan of sun bathing, not only is it boring but it's so damaging for the skin! This is why I'm an avid lover of fake tan, I'd rather spend my evenings slathering the tan over my skin to create the illusion of gorgeous bronzed, sun kissed  skin! However, there's nothing worse than a fake tan that is so orange that I'm trying to convince myself that it looks ok, or one that is strongly green based that I question if I'm Princess Fiona (Shrek reference) when I'm putting it on.

This is where Loving Tan comes into play, I have seen so many beauty bloggers and YouTubers talking about this tan that I had to give it a go. The company did reach out to me and offer to send me the product, however, this blog post was not requested by them and they are not paying me for this.

Loving Tan is an Australian product, so it is a little bit more difficult for us in the UK to get hold of. However, I can confess that it is worth it. Just look at my before and after below:

The tan has a green base but not overpowering, which makes it look more natural (rather than having an orange/red base which is really unnatural looking). The tan has a perfect guide colour so you can see where you are applying it, and it helps you to make sure there are no patches - something I know we've all been guilty of in the past!

I tend to leave the tan on overnight, and allow for it to develop in this time. In the morning, I then remove the guide colour to reveal a gorgeous but natural looking tan - I've even had to tell people that it's fake as they have been convinced that it's real. It gives me the tan that I desire to have, so the fact that I've almost used up the bottle makes me really sad, but it's definitely something I'm willing to repurchase (I just might have to bulk buy!). In terms of longevity, this tan lasts me around 2 weeks. It does tend to start wearing off in this time, and if I scrub it off it means that it fades away nicely without any awkward 'dirty' marks.

The Bronze Shimmer Wear Off tan is perfect for those nights out, its something i love to either wear on it's own or pop it on top of the tan I'm already wearing. It has the most subtle of shimmer, which just makes you look glowing. And the biggest plus side - this doesn't wear off on your clothes, it takes 60 seconds to dry and you're good to get dressed and go about your day night, and then it simply washes off when you get in the shower, pretty impressive right?

If you can't tell, I'm so impressed with Loving Tan, and the fact that it was sent to me is just a bonus. I would never allow this to distort my opinions on any product.


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