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As a girl with thick coarse hair, shaving my leg hair can be a bit of a nightmare - not at the time of shaving, but when it grows back through, I tend to suffer from ingrown hairs no matter how hard I try. However, I can't leave them to grow (at least not in the Summer haha).

I now have the solution of the above, the Magnitone Go Bare Rechargeable Mini Lady Shaver. It really does live up to its name, the device fits comfortably in your palm and even has a little carry pouch that allows you to discreetly throw it in your handbag!

It's perfect for touch ups on the go, if you see hairs on your bikini line, legs or armpits, you can whip this out and quickly get rid of them. Additional features that make this so handy (get it?) is that it can be used wet or dry, it charges through a USB and 2 hours of charging will give you nearly 2 hours of charge. Also, as it removes hairs down to the skin level, it means that it completely prevents any ingrown hairs, which for me is ideal.

Something that I found amazing was the price, this is only £29.99! Click here to check out their website of goodies!

What's your preferred hair removal method? Let me know!


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