Travel Diary: Sa Coma, Majorca

After spending 10 years with this boy, and never taking a trip abroad together (or in that whole time frame), we decided that 2017 was the year. One day on the internet we took the plunge and booked a holiday - we read reviews but didn't put a lot of thought into where we were going, or what we were going to do. 

This post isn't sponsored, however, if Thomsons were looking for a rave review they are certainly going to receive one. The flights were incredible, we were literally on cloud 9 flying away to a destination that could have been heaven. It was so easy to understand where we needed to go, and the reps for Thomson were happy and ready to guide you on your way - which was especially helpful at midnight in another country neither myself or Jack had travelled to before.

Our hotel had thought of everything, including having a bite to eat ready for us when we arrived at half past 1 in the morning. The room, the balcony, the pool and even the reception area were a dream come true. The white sand beach, with the clear blue water was the icing on top of the cake, enticing you into the sea with every push and pull of the waves.

I'm not sure that words could do the breath taking views any justice, and it is something that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate. Taking excursions across the island of Majorca, and travelling by bicycle across the coast to discover new sights and attractions that you couldn't imagine exist on this earth is something that will not be forgotten from this holiday. If you get the chance, you should go and discover. Travel. Learn new cultures and take it in. Sometimes it allows you to learn more about yourself, but mostly it allows you to get away from the everyday mundanity of life, which is especially important in this social media driven world that we now live in.

The only problem is, now our taste for travel has become starvation and I can't wait to book our next holiday - plus I need to be able to scratch off destinations from our new scratch off map!

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