Murine Bright and Moist Eye Drops*

This is a different post to what you normally see on my beauty blog, but it is one that I wanted to share with you all. As avid makeup junkies, I think we focus on a lot of products that we apply to our faces and bodies, and don't talk about the products that can be used to make a difference to our look without it being makeup. This brings me to the eye drops that I have been using for the past month - Murine Bright and Moist Eyes Eye Drops.

Think of these as similar to skincare, just like you would apply moisturiser to your face, you can apply moisturiser to your eyes. Initially, this might sound like a crazy idea - but think about all of the negative impacts that you have on your eyes; eye makeup, staring at computers all day and allergies. These eye drops give a soothing and moisturising effect, whilst brightening and whitening the eyes, think of how much of a pick me up this will give you without actually applying any makeup products to your face. I have used many eye drops in my life, from moisturising eye drops to eye drops for hay fever, but these eye drops have the added bonus of the whitening effect.

All you have to do with these drops is apply 2 drops in each eye, I like to do this in the morning as it's the perfect time to add the brightening effect to your eyes. You can then apply the drops a further 3 times throughout the day if you want to. I do like to add the drops into my eyes at the end of the day as well, because if you're like me and have been staring at the computer screen all day, and have had makeup on your eyes all day (which can actually irritate your eyes!) it's nice to add that soothing moisture back into the eyes before bed.

I've also uploaded a tutorial on how to make your eyes look bigger, incorporating these eye drops on my YouTube channel, which you will find here.

Do you incorporate eye drops into your beauty routine? If not, I'd recommend trying it as the drops aren't going to break the bank, and you never know you might love it!


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