Festive Hairstyles for 2016 | GHD Copper Luxe Collection

Everyone knows that the best hair straighteners out there are by GHD, they do the job and they do it well. 

The GHD Platinum Copper Luxe Collection has their patented tri-zone® technology, which basically means the straighteners use three sensors in each plate to maintain a safer-for-hair heat, this means that the straighteners cause less breakage but also give more shine than the previous designs, giving you salon results every time you straighten your hair. All of this means that we don't have to worry if we straighten our hair more often than we should - I'm definitely guilty of this!

The copper colour is every beauty bloggers dream - even the plates are copper, and they look absolutely stunning even if you leave them out on your dressing table as I do all too often. The shape of the straighteners are perfect to create sleek straight hair, or to assist with curling your hair using them. As you can use them both to curl your hair or straighten them, you can almost say that this is a multi use hair tool, which means that you only need to purchase this one tool to achieve many looks. They glide through your hair so smoothly, without jumping or causing you to put too much heat onto one area of your hair, this is essential as it helps cause less damage to your hair. 

Just have a look at the festive hair looks that I have created below using the GHD Copper Luxe Collection:
GHD have also created these gorgeous hair accessories that you can see me styling in these pictures, which really add that touch of glamour to your hair look for the festive season, even New Year. And you can see that the straighteners themselves really work their magic in either making the hair super sleek and straight, or to create those soft glam waves. 

Some additional but fundamental features that these GHD's carry are the shape of the stylers, allowing the perfect alignment of plates to give you the best result for your look. It has a 30 minute automatic shut off, so if you leave the house or just forget to switch them off, they will automatically do so after 30 minutes of no use. And finally, the swivel cord really helps to allow you freedom of movement when styling your hair.

Although GHD's can be expensive, with these costing £175, I think it is worth considering quality when looking at the price. GHD's really do hold their value (my previous pair of GHD's are over 10 years old and are still working a treat), they will continue to work at the same high standard as when you first got them. I also find myself receiving many compliments after using them, with people commenting on how shiny and healthy my hair looks.

What are your thoughts on these gorgeous Copper Luxe Edition GHD's? What hairstyles will you be rocking for the festive season?

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