Tweezerman Christmas Collection

I received a lovely little package from Tweezerman this week, as a brand ambassador they send me some of their new items to use or to give to friends and family, but they do not ask for blog posts or videos in return, I do this just for my love of the brand and the tools themselves. 
It's needless to say I was excited when I opened this up, as their packages usually show up unexpectedly so it's a bit like Christmas when I open them and get a nice surprise!
The first, and most beautiful product that caught my attention was the Rose Gold Love Story gift set. In this are their classic tweezers (and these are hand filed), their pro curl eyelash curlers and a gorgeous makeup bag - of course these are all rose gold, which is every girls dream at the moment. Coming in at £34.95, it's the perfect gift (even if it is to yourself!!).

You can also see the All That Glitters Holiday Set, which is gold glittered tweezers (again hand filed precision tips) with the red case. They have a real Lou Boutin feel to them, as peeking inside the tweezers is a 'red sole' that oozes glamour! And who doesn't love a bit of glitter? With the case I find that these are a lot harder to lose or misplace - as long as you remember to put them back in the case! These cost £29.95, but will give you years of perfectly shaped brows.
Finally, we have the Merry & Bright Mirror and Mini Slant Duo. I already have one of these in a different style, and I can't tell you how many times I've used it, it's been that many times. The mirror is a 10x magnifying mirror, so you can really see any hair that you need to pluck out. The one thing I do find is that I need to put a light behind it to really show the hairs - cue your iPhone torch, but once you get going you will be removing hairs you didn't even know you had! At £25.00 I'd say it's well worth the price.

I know you will probably be reading this and questioning the price of these, especially compared to other tweezers on the market, however I know first hand that these are the best out there. They really grab the hair and pull it out from the root, whereas I've found that cheaper brands tend to either cut the hair or not even grip it at all. I'd say splurge on tweezers, they will last you a lot longer and will remove the hairs right from the root in one pluck!

What do you think of their Christmas/Winter collection? Are you in love with Rose Gold as well?

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