Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation - My Review


I am a lover of foundations, perhaps it's my less than perfect skin that has given me the love, but it means that every time a new foundation is released I have to get my hands on it.

Urban Decay recently released the All Nighter Liquid Foundation, and after seeing lots of positive reviews on it I ordered this online the second it became available. So how does it perform?

The coverage is perfect for those of you who love medium to full coverage, if you apply this foundation with a beauty blender you will get a medium coverage that is buildable, but if you use a brush it will be full coverage.
For me, full coverage is a bonus because it means I can cover my imperfections with a weightless layer without having to add extra layers of foundation making my face look cakey - nobody likes a cake face!

This foundation is also waterproof, so there can be no more jokes about 'taking her swimming on the first date' because our makeup game is so strong that it still wouldn't budge. Once you use a face wash though, it comes off with ease which is good to hear!

The All Nighter Foundation is definitely made for oily skin, as it has a matte finish which helps prevent the excess oil from peeking through, and it's also oil free which means we aren't adding more oil to our face. My fear for dry skin is that it will stick to dry patches, or enhance those areas.

What's the downside? I ordered this online. Why I thought I could match my foundation colour through pictures online I don't know, and I won't again. This foundation is far too light for me, and as we are unable to return makeup in the UK I'm going to try and use shade adjusting drops to darken it for me.

Coming in at £27, it's not an excessive price for a product by Urban Decay. And the finish that it gives is well worth the price tag.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you think.

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