What is baking anyway? The top makeup tip!

I really wanted to create a post detailing the art of baking, now I know the Great British Bake Off is back on TV now but I'm actually referring to makeup rather than cakes.

Baking is something that has been put in our face, not only by our favourite makeup celebrities (see Kim K), but also by our favourite YouTubers, I'm even partial to it myself! It's definitely a step for the makeup devotee's out there.

Makeup Artists and Drag Queens have used this technique for such a long time, that it's not actually as new as it seems. However, it is something that is new to the blogger and youtuber world, which is probably what has led you here.

What is this technique?

Once you have applied your foundation as normal, apply your concealer to the normal areas that you would want to highlight (see the picture below if you're not sure). Blend this out as you normally would, I recommend using a beauty blender to help with this.

Then take your loose translucent powder (see my next blog post for the products I love to use!) and apply it heavily over the top of the concealer you have just blended out. You then leave this powder in place for a long amount of time, if I'm in a rush I will apply it for 60 second, but sometimes this can be left for up to 30 minutes depending on the effect you want.

Once you are happy, just dust the powder away and finish your makeup as usual.

How does it work?

The powder uses the warmth of your skin to set the concealer, this helps to hide any fine lines under the eyes and stops your makeup melting away and revealing your hidden secrets underneath!

Have you tried baking? How do you feel about these makeup trends?


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