Primark Beauty Haul | Mini Review

Recently I decided to have a little BIG shopping trip at Primark, and among my purchases were some of their beauty products. I did share these in a video on YouTube but wanted to show a close up of these products, plus a few additional ones so you can see closely what they look like, the swatches/colours of the products, and to have a place to jot down my overall thoughts.

Among the products are their matte liquid lipsticks, aren't these bang on trend at the moment. There are so many brands that are now making these, but when it comes to the drugstore we are pretty limited in what we can get our hands on. 
Coming in at £2 per lipstick, how can we say no. They are out of stock a lot, so if you see them I suggest grabbing them!

I also picked up their 'strobing' palette, however, looking at it I have to admit it isn't a pretty sight and doesn't look like it would do much. It comes with three shades, Luminous Light, Radiance Light and Glowing Light. 
Once you swatch these though, let me tell you, you will be blown away! The finish is beautiful, and coming in at £4 you can't complain really can you.

I'm really impressed with this strobing kit, it's inexpensive coming in at £4.00 for three shades. As there are three shades in there, it provides colours that would suit different skin tones. The powder is finely milled so that you can't see it sat on the skin, and it looks like a natural glow.

And finally, I picked up their brushes. I was really excited for these, and made multiple trips to Primark to try and get my hands on them. I was successful on my third trip, and couldn't wait to use them.

Unfortunately I'm pretty disappointed, the shape of the brush doesn't make applying your makeup easy and if I'm honest the thin part of the handle feels pretty weak (although it hasn't snapped). I've used this brush on multiple occasions and have felt that after one use the brush needs washing as it starts to store the product in the centre of the brush, and the next time you go to use it, it leaves smear marks on your face. However, this might be for all oval brushes and not just the Primark range.

So there are my thoughts, what do you think? Have you tried Primark beauty?


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