Best Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere at the moment, they come in different finishes from glossy, matte and even metallic, however, my love lies with the matte finish and in particular the Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream.

What do you normally look for in a liquid lipstick? Opacity, quick drying formula, cute packaging? This has all of the above. The swatches that you can see on my arm are using one dip into the product, and one swipe on the skin, and this rings true when used on the lips even when you blot your lips together during application, none of the product transfers or removes.

Within a few moments of application, the product has dried on the lips, and the staying power is incredible. You are unable to just remove this product with a wipe of your hand, and throughout eating and drinking the product stays in place. As expected, it does eventually wear off the lips, but it doesn't crumble away or leave you with 'butthole lips', or at least that's how I refer to them.

As for the packaging, it's simple and effective. I like that you can see the colour of the liquid lipstick, without having to flip the bottle on it's end to see the colour of a sticker, and it also makes them stand out on your vanity. The gold lid ties in nicely with the gold brand logo on the bottle and gives it a chic finish - it's quite nice to see a brand that isn't following the trend of rose gold and who is diversifying away from the classic black. The applicator inside is a deer foot applicator, which carries and applies just the right amount of product, and is soft enough on the lips to allow a smooth finish without stroke marks and without removing product.

I'm sure that you can tell I am a huge lover of these liquid lipsticks, and in all honesty I find that Milani blow lip products out of the water, they make me wonder why people bother to spend a large amount on more expensive brands. Further more, this company do not test on animals as verified by PETA - hooray for cruelty free brands!

Let me know your thoughts, and your favourite brand of liquid lipsticks.

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