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I feel extremely lucky that I receive products from Tweezerman, they have been my favourite brand of 'tools' for a long time - in fact since my first purchase of their eyelash curlers which had me hooked around the age of 15! In my most recent blogger mail from them I received their new products that released this month, and let me say they haven't ceased to amaze me.

Their tweezers deserve a mention because they are so effective at their job, and they look so pretty whilst doing so, just look at the patterns that you can see on the above tweezers, talk about eye candy. Their precision and grip is one of a kind, unlike some tweezers which end up snapping the hair, these grab the hair and pull it out from the root.

Speaking of pulling hair out, one of the tools I saw in the package and wondered if I would ever make use of it is the 'Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover'. One curious day I pulled it out of the box and started using it to remove my moustache, and O M G I haven't looked back since. It is a little uncomfortable as it is plucking hairs out from the root, but it happens so quickly that you can't feel actual pain. The brucey bonus, once the hair is plucked from the root it takes longer to grow back than hair removal cream/shaving.

It also came with a travel friendly eyelash curler (Curl & Go Lash Curler), and as an avid lover and daily user of eyelash curlers I was excited to try these. I must admit, they do the job really well, although it can be a little bit tricky (especially on those early mornings) to get your lashes into the curlers as they don't open as wide as the standard eyelash curlers which Tweezerman make.

My favourite and final product from this package is the Mini Contour Kit. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I've used the blending sponge I get many compliments on how nice my skin looks - and even I can see it. The sponge is soft and velvet like, but doesn't soak up the product which is why they recommend that you can use this wet or dry - I usually opt for the wet option. 
The mini pointed foundation brush is made for the application of foundation, however, I love to use this brush to apply powder to my under eye area, and it's also great for applying highlighter.
And finally, they have the Contour Brush, which is perfect for what it says on the tin. The shape is similar to that of the infamous Nars Ita brush, but this Tweezerman brush has bristles that are more dense which I find helps to apply the products with greater opacity, but the softness of the bristles allows you to blend this out softly so that the contour looks more natural and defused.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with all of the Tweezerman products, and I feel that it is important for me to tell you that these opinions are 100% my own, and I have not been paid to write this post.

Let me know your favourite product from Tweezerman, or if you have tried any of the above.



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