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I recently went shopping at my 'local' CCO (local is 45 minutes away for me!), which always excites me as it means I can get higher end makeup for cheaper than its standard price!

If you've never been to a CCO, Cosmetic Company Outlet, it's basically a store that sells a variety of brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox, and Estee Lauder. They sell their products at a discounted rate as they are usually discontinued products.

Last year you would have caught me running over to the MAC shelves, but on this occasion I was more interested in what Smashbox had to offer. They didn't have a huge range of Smashbox products, but what they did have made me want to put it all in my basket, I did contain myself however, and picked up the above pictured three products.

The blusher palette immediately caught my eye as the mauve toned blushers are my everyday reached for blusher shades, but I love that this palette has a variety of them. To top it off they have a matte bronzer and a highlighter which is really all you need to complete a makeup look - talk about perfect for travelling!

As for the lip glosses, they are highly pigmented! I'm not usually a lip gloss girl, but as soon as I saw the pigmentation and felt how smooth/moisturising they were I had to grab them. The two shades I picked up were 'Gingerly' and 'Rosy Pink'. What's also great is that they will look perfect paired on top of other lipsticks/liquid lipsticks.

Overall, I'm not disappointed in my purchases from the CCO but I should probably limit my visits there otherwise my bank account will be disappointed!!


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