The Body Shop - Shade Adjusting Drops Review

Have you ever bought a foundation a couple of shades too dark, or a couple of shades too light and thought about ways in which you could suit it to fit your skin tone (using moisturiser, or applying layers of fake tan)? I know I've been there, especially when that expensive foundation you've lusted after is on offer and your shade has sold out.

Well we don't need to worry anymore, The Body Shop have brought out Shade Adjusting drops, and these come in two shades; Lightening Drops & Darkening Drops, and retail for £10 each.

The Lightening Drops are made to lighten light to medium shade foundations, and also help neutralise any yellow undertones - which makes sense as the lighter the skin tone the more likely they are to have pink undertones.
The Darkening Drops are to darken dark to deep foundation shades, which will also stop foundations looking too ashy on the skin.

What are my thoughts? If you are any skin shade up to medium then I wouldn't bother with the darkening drops, they will just cause you to look muddy, even with a small amount of product as they are highly pigmented. From the below swatches you can see that it darkened my foundation drastically, which is probably why it was recommended for darker foundations only.

However, I do have to rave about the Lightening Drops, from the below swatch you can see that they lighten my foundation (swatched in the middle) evenly and just by a few shades. Perfect for those girls who need to lighten most foundations as they aren't usually made in your shade!

Both of these drops don't change the consistency of your foundation, but as you'd probably expect, they will only work with liquid foundation.

Overall, if you are trying to lighten or darken a foundation by a couple of shades then these drops will be perfect for you, however, make sure you are only using the drops to lighten/darken foundation shades that The Body Shop recommends.

Have you tried these drops? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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