Why use Silicone Free Shampoo & Conditioner?

Up until recently, I used to buy any shampoo that was available in Boots or Superdrug, that was until I saw that some stated they were 'Silicone Free'. I didn't really know what this meant, but I carried out some research and thought I would compile all of my knowledge into one blog post for you beauties to read.

What are Silicones?
Silicones are present in almost every shampoo and conditioner, unless they are labelled as silicone free. Silicone is a synthetic ingredient, almost like plastic, which is used to coat the hair and give it a false 'shine', whilst usually sealing the hair against water - this means that it is hard to wash them out as well. (PS They usually end in cone or one on our ingredients list!).

What's their impact on our hair?
Although initially you might think that your hair looks healthy and shiny, it's important to remember that the shine you are seeing isn't the shine you want, it's a false shine (like that of plastic) which is put into your products to make your hair look like this - and in turn you keep buying the shampoo/conditioner because of the visual results, but the more you buy and use it, the more build up of silicone you will get.

However, these silicones can build up in our hair (especially if they aren't water soluble). The downside to this build up is a lack of moisture in the hair - think hair oils and serums, as nothing can penetrate into the shaft, this in turn can lead to a flaky/dry scalp.

It can also prevent your hair from taking to hair dye, and will usually contribute towards it fading quickly - remember it coats your hair in a false shine so the dye can't actually grip to your hair.

Silicone will weigh the hair down making it limp, lifeless, and with time, very dull. It prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft and becomes like a magnet for dirt and other ingredients. So in essence, we get a good shine for a couple of days, but over time it will attract more buildup on the hair. With time it will dry the hair out because it won't allow in the conditioner and it ends up sitting on the surface. Due to lack of moisture, the hair will become very brittle and could lead to frizz and breakage.” —Shai Amiel, Celebrity Hairstylist & Owner, CAPELLA Salon 

The Positives?
I can only say the positive that I can see if the shine that these can bring, although false.

Some people actually find that their hair works well with these silicones, and never have a problem. Personally for me, I just don't want them in my hair.

What are your thoughts on silicones in shampoo and conditioner? Were you aware it was in there?



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