Essence Liquid Lipsticks

Essence is definitely one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands, one of the reasons is because it's so darn inexpensive, and the other is because it is always releasing new products that work.

On this trip to Wilko's I picked up the whole range of the Essence Liquid Lipsticks.

My fatal error in this purchase is that I didn't research these beforehand, so as I walked away happy with my purchase, once I tested these and read up on the Essence website about them my happiness ended. As with the current trend of liquid lipsticks, I was expecting a matte finish to these, however, they're version of a liquid lipstick is 'combining the coverage of a lipstick, with the shine of a gloss'.

So far it seems this review is all bad, but that's only because my expectation was completely off.

I continued to use these lip products, after all I'm not a hater of gloss nor of any of these shades.

I have to say I'm impressed because the product does exactly what it says on the tin. They are opaque in colour, but not overly opaque that you end up with clown lips due to the gloss, and they do have a lovely shine to them. The gloss isn't sticky, but more of a moisturising feeling which is great, especially during the colder months when lips tend to be more dry.

The packaging is cute as it looks like a lipstick, but when you unscrew the top it reveals a deer foot applicator which really helps with precision when applying.

In terms of colour selection, there was only the above shades at the store I visited, and when I checked the website it did say that these were available in stores only.

At £2.50 a piece I'd definitely say they are worth a go!

What's your favourite Essence product?

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