Babyliss 3Q Hair Dryer Review

At the top of my Christmas list last (last?!?!) year was a hair dryer, I had put lots of research into the hair dryer that I wanted. As we all do, I wanted my hair to dry fast, the hair dryer to be lightweight, but also powerful and have temperature options.

This is where I have found the perfect match!

I asked the boyf to get me the BaByliss 3Q hair dryer, which at it's normal price comes in a hefty £120, however this was on offer at £89.99 at the time. 

Oh does this baby have power! You have 2 speed settings, a low and a high which is the lowest button on the hairdryer. The lowest speed is perfect for giving yourself a 'professional' blow dry, and the high speed is perfect for speed drying your hair.

One thing I love in a hairdryer is how hot it gets. I love to be able to change the temperature, but for those moments when you just get out of the shower and want to dry your body hair this is perfect!

There are 3 heat settings on the middle switch, which is low heat, medium heat and hot.

There is also a cold button which you can press to give your hair a blast of cool air at the end to lock in shine. Trust me, this works.

This is the only time any girl is comfortable talking about weight I think! 

BaByliss have made this hairdryer the perfect weight, not too light so it doesn't blow out of your hands from the power of the hairdryer, but not too heavy that your arm is aching after 30 seconds of drying your hair.

I feel like I only need to say 'look at it' in this section, its bloomin' beautiful!

I have had so many people comment on how shiny my hair is after using this hairdryer, which automatically makes me happy to receive this as a gift!

Have you tried this hairdryer, or do you have one you love? Let me know in the comments below.


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