Festive Hairstyles for 2016 | GHD Copper Luxe Collection

Everyone knows that the best hair straighteners out there are by GHD, they do the job and they do it well. 

The GHD Platinum Copper Luxe Collection has their patented tri-zone® technology, which basically means the straighteners use three sensors in each plate to maintain a safer-for-hair heat, this means that the straighteners cause less breakage but also give more shine than the previous designs, giving you salon results every time you straighten your hair. All of this means that we don't have to worry if we straighten our hair more often than we should - I'm definitely guilty of this!


Fall Fashion Ideas 2016

It's that time of year to pull out your scarves, add layers and make sure you've got a fluffy pair of socks inside of your boots - unless you live in LA of course.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite style accessories for Fall 2016, and what you will see my rocking. As always, Fall is about layering pieces together and adding texture as well as practicality to keep you warm. Don't be afraid to add extra pops of colour into an outfit, or sometimes stick to a neutral colour palette.

What do you think of my fall fashion choices. Let me know what you will be wearing on the pavement catwalk!


My Pinterest Obsession | Coming Clean

 I know I'm not the first, and I won't be the last, to express my love for Pinterest. I went through a phase of not really using it, but since my catch up with Emily from British Beauty Addict, my obsession has been drawn back in.

I could sit for hours repinning the most beautiful makeup looks, outfits I lose after and quotes that just speak to me - plus all of the cute little animals that are on there, seriously you can lose hours on this app.

I also find that it gives me a lot of inspiration for my next makeup look, or how I want to style my house when I finally take that plunge.
You can see a few of my boards here - but to see what I love to pin check out my Pinterest here.

Tweezerman Christmas Collection

I received a lovely little package from Tweezerman this week, as a brand ambassador they send me some of their new items to use or to give to friends and family, but they do not ask for blog posts or videos in return, I do this just for my love of the brand and the tools themselves. 
It's needless to say I was excited when I opened this up, as their packages usually show up unexpectedly so it's a bit like Christmas when I open them and get a nice surprise!
The first, and most beautiful product that caught my attention was the Rose Gold Love Story gift set. In this are their classic tweezers (and these are hand filed), their pro curl eyelash curlers and a gorgeous makeup bag - of course these are all rose gold, which is every girls dream at the moment. Coming in at £34.95, it's the perfect gift (even if it is to yourself!!).

You can also see the All That Glitters Holiday Set, which is gold glittered tweezers (again hand filed precision tips) with the red case. They have a real Lou Boutin feel to them, as peeking inside the tweezers is a 'red sole' that oozes glamour! And who doesn't love a bit of glitter? With the case I find that these are a lot harder to lose or misplace - as long as you remember to put them back in the case! These cost £29.95, but will give you years of perfectly shaped brows.
Finally, we have the Merry & Bright Mirror and Mini Slant Duo. I already have one of these in a different style, and I can't tell you how many times I've used it, it's been that many times. The mirror is a 10x magnifying mirror, so you can really see any hair that you need to pluck out. The one thing I do find is that I need to put a light behind it to really show the hairs - cue your iPhone torch, but once you get going you will be removing hairs you didn't even know you had! At £25.00 I'd say it's well worth the price.

I know you will probably be reading this and questioning the price of these, especially compared to other tweezers on the market, however I know first hand that these are the best out there. They really grab the hair and pull it out from the root, whereas I've found that cheaper brands tend to either cut the hair or not even grip it at all. I'd say splurge on tweezers, they will last you a lot longer and will remove the hairs right from the root in one pluck!

What do you think of their Christmas/Winter collection? Are you in love with Rose Gold as well?

Jewellerybox.co.uk | Real Jewellery, Nice Prices

I'm not a massive jewellery wearer, but when I do my ears and skin is very fussy. If it's not real silver/gold then my skin will freak out and break out. For this reason, I tend not to wear jewellery as I don't want to spend a lot of money on jewellery, as I see it as a fashion statement that you can change as often as you like, and match it to different outfits.

Recently Jewellerybox.co.uk reached out to me and asked if they could send me some of their jewellery in exchange for a mention, however, they are not paying me for this post and they have not asked me to write a blog post on their jewellery.

I had so much fun searching through their website and seeing all of the different jewellery they have available. All of their jewellery is made out of real silver or gold, or at least plated in the real thing. However, the prices are not extortionate. The amazing part is that I feel like I found something I wasn't looking for with this company.

I wanted to share the pieces I have with you:

Cat Earrings £5.95
Star Necklace £35.00

What's your favourite colour jewellery to wear, silver, gold or rose gold? I'd love to know! 

Beauty Advent Calendars 2016

Beauty Advent Calendars are something I lust over every year, but am yet to experience the joy of physically having one. I'm sure at some point I will spoil myself with one, or I will put it on my wish list as a pre-Christmas present.

Not only do these advent calendars allow you to have a little beauty treat each day up until Christmas, but it's something you can enjoy opening whilst you eat your chocolate advent calendar too because lets be real, that's a tradition that can't isn't going anywhere.

I've put together a list of the beauty advent calendars that I would love to get my hands on:

The Body Shop - £60.00
Containing 24 of The Body Shop's top selling products, you can receive a surprise of makeup, skincare or bathing goodies, all smelling as gorgeous as can be! You will find yourself having 24 pampered days up to Christmas with this treat.

The Body Shop haven't just created this advent calendar, they also made two more which are more expensive (£80 and £99). However, whichever one you decide to purchase I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

Charlotte Tilbury - £150.00
Talk about luxury, this Charlotte Tilbury calendar contains 12 days worth of treats, with 7 mini sized products and 5 full sized products. It does come at a higher price than the rest on this list, but the quality and the beauty of this calendar, mixed with the amazing assortment of products has meant that you are getting what you pay for. 

Definitely on the splurge list though!

As one of the best drugstore brands that exist, I'm not surprised that Makeup Revolution were on the ball enough to create a beauty advent calendar.

With 24 days, and a mixture of mini and full sized products, you're bound to pick up their cult favourites. And a full sized eyeshadow palette?! Enough to sell me on this one already!

Ciate - £50.00

This is a must have gift for those OBSESSED with nails, what could be better than opening a new nail polish from Ciate every day?! In this box they have 24 nail polishes, including four new shades that haven't been released yet. Plus, doesn't the packaging just look Christmassy!

Lush - £49.95
This calendar is packed with some of the Christmas favourites - Snow Angel and Candy Mountain to name two. With 12 days of Christmas inside this calendar, you really will wake up with Christmas excitement every morning!

House of Fraser - £25.00 (NOW £20.00 online!)
I think this advent calendar might be the winner when it comes to packaging - just look how gorgeous it is! It features House Of Fraser's own brand 'Colour Couture', which I haven't tried before, but what a better way to try them out than with an exciting calendar to open each day for 24 days.

Feel Unique - £30.00
True to Feel Unique fashion, this calendar contains a mixture of brands that you can get your hands on. It's nice as it allows you to experience products that you might not normally purchase, or have even heard of! And at £30, you're really getting bang for your buck.

NYX - £60.00

I'll be honest, I don't think there is one makeup product that I have disliked by NYX. The fact that you can get a mix of their products in this 24 day advent calendar means that we can be beauty obsessed every day until Christmas!

Sanctuary - £25.00

Sanctuary, in my opinion, makes the best spa products available on the high street. They appeal to a variety of ages, and they have a mix of scents which really helps the brands diversity. Also, who doesn't want an advent calendar that gives them a reason to relax all the way up until Christmas?!

M&S - £35.00 (when you spend £35.00 on clothes)

So I've noticed that this advent calendar is already out of stock - I'm just as sad about this as you! However, look at the variety of brands that this contains?! I like to think I've saved the best until last here. I am a HUGE fan of the M&S Beauty section, and you can most likely find me here every pay day so the fact that I could open a product from this section every day (including Christmas day!!) makes me very excited!!

What are your thoughts on beauty advent calendars? Let me know which one is your favourite?

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation - My Review


I am a lover of foundations, perhaps it's my less than perfect skin that has given me the love, but it means that every time a new foundation is released I have to get my hands on it.

Urban Decay recently released the All Nighter Liquid Foundation, and after seeing lots of positive reviews on it I ordered this online the second it became available. So how does it perform?

The coverage is perfect for those of you who love medium to full coverage, if you apply this foundation with a beauty blender you will get a medium coverage that is buildable, but if you use a brush it will be full coverage.
For me, full coverage is a bonus because it means I can cover my imperfections with a weightless layer without having to add extra layers of foundation making my face look cakey - nobody likes a cake face!

This foundation is also waterproof, so there can be no more jokes about 'taking her swimming on the first date' because our makeup game is so strong that it still wouldn't budge. Once you use a face wash though, it comes off with ease which is good to hear!

The All Nighter Foundation is definitely made for oily skin, as it has a matte finish which helps prevent the excess oil from peeking through, and it's also oil free which means we aren't adding more oil to our face. My fear for dry skin is that it will stick to dry patches, or enhance those areas.

What's the downside? I ordered this online. Why I thought I could match my foundation colour through pictures online I don't know, and I won't again. This foundation is far too light for me, and as we are unable to return makeup in the UK I'm going to try and use shade adjusting drops to darken it for me.

Coming in at £27, it's not an excessive price for a product by Urban Decay. And the finish that it gives is well worth the price tag.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you think.


One of my favourite shops to splurge in is definitely Lush. I like to call it 'guilt free' shopping, as the products are made naturally and they are completely against testing on animals, as well as making you smell absolutely delicious!

I recently went into Lush and bought a few goodies that I thought I would share with you:

Big Bang -
This is a bubble bar, and I typically get around 3 baths out of this. It smells of grapefruit and lemon, and leaves your skin deliciously smooth.

Pink Flamingo -
This is a reusable bubble bar. Lush describe this as being a cocktail inspired scent, it's fruity with a touch of sexy. You literally swirl this around in your bath, and once you have the perfect amount of bubbles you can put it to the side ready for your next bath.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb -
This bath bomb contains peppermint, and is so refreshing, especially after a week of working hard! With bath bombs, you just drop them into the water and watch them work their magic.

Mother of Dragons Egg Bath Bomb -
Once you drop this into the bath, your nose will immediately be filled with the scent of lemons. It's such an invigorating scent, and it really refreshes your nose.

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb -
Apple & cinnamon = Christmas in a bath bomb. This one I love to just lie down and listen to, it contains popping candy and reminds me of sitting by the fire at Christmas.

Floating Island Bath Oil -
With the scent of vanilla (and it containing a vanilla pod in each bath oil), and with the softening effects of shea butter - imagine rising out of the bath as though you have just returned from a luxurious and relaxing island holiday.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil -
SNOW FAIRY SCENT - need I say more?! As the name suggests, it does contain marshmallow which is soothing on the skin.

Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil -
Raspberry, Bergamot and Lime mix together to create a gorgeous scent, whilst your bath turns into mermaids tears - neon pink and glittery.

The Comforter Shower Gel -
One of my all time favourite products from Lush, it's the Comforter bubble bar in liquid form. It smells delicious, just like blackcurrants, and leaves your skin smelling this way for hours!

Now I'm counting down the days until pay day so I can make a cheeky Halloween purchase from Lush! Let me know your favourite Lush product, I'll be sure to check it out when I'm next in there!


Primark Beauty Haul | Mini Review

Recently I decided to have a little BIG shopping trip at Primark, and among my purchases were some of their beauty products. I did share these in a video on YouTube but wanted to show a close up of these products, plus a few additional ones so you can see closely what they look like, the swatches/colours of the products, and to have a place to jot down my overall thoughts.

Among the products are their matte liquid lipsticks, aren't these bang on trend at the moment. There are so many brands that are now making these, but when it comes to the drugstore we are pretty limited in what we can get our hands on. 
Coming in at £2 per lipstick, how can we say no. They are out of stock a lot, so if you see them I suggest grabbing them!

I also picked up their 'strobing' palette, however, looking at it I have to admit it isn't a pretty sight and doesn't look like it would do much. It comes with three shades, Luminous Light, Radiance Light and Glowing Light. 
Once you swatch these though, let me tell you, you will be blown away! The finish is beautiful, and coming in at £4 you can't complain really can you.

I'm really impressed with this strobing kit, it's inexpensive coming in at £4.00 for three shades. As there are three shades in there, it provides colours that would suit different skin tones. The powder is finely milled so that you can't see it sat on the skin, and it looks like a natural glow.

And finally, I picked up their brushes. I was really excited for these, and made multiple trips to Primark to try and get my hands on them. I was successful on my third trip, and couldn't wait to use them.

Unfortunately I'm pretty disappointed, the shape of the brush doesn't make applying your makeup easy and if I'm honest the thin part of the handle feels pretty weak (although it hasn't snapped). I've used this brush on multiple occasions and have felt that after one use the brush needs washing as it starts to store the product in the centre of the brush, and the next time you go to use it, it leaves smear marks on your face. However, this might be for all oval brushes and not just the Primark range.

So there are my thoughts, what do you think? Have you tried Primark beauty?


How to Conceal your Under Eyes

Are you always looking for the best products to make it look like you definitely get 8 hours sleep every night? Me too. I'm such a night owl that I constantly find myself working hard late at night (its actually 10.30pm right now!). Although I'm most productive at these hours, when it comes to waking up in the morning I feel like I have weights on my eyelashes.

My solution to combat those tired eyes? Makeup of course.

Once I have finished my foundation I love to pair two products together to give me a flawless underage. Unfortunately they are both higher end products, so will cost a few more pennies that most of us (including myself) would like to part with.

The first step is to apply Urban Decay's Naked Skin concealer, I use the shade Fair Neutral which is the lightest, and apply that in a triangle shape under my eyes like the below picture. I then blend this in with my beauty blender, I've tried many tools to blend this in but find that the beauty blender helps to disperse the product and stop it looking cakey.

Once this has been blended out, I will take my Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder, and I apply that in excessive amounts over the top of that concealer. Before you allow the powder to dust the skin and disappear, leave it on the skin for a minimum of 1 minute to allow it to 'bake' (if you want to know what baking is then check out this blog post).

Et viola, your under eyes are concealed thanks to the amazing concealer, and then the powder will hold that in place all day, so even if you do start falling asleep you will look like Sleeping Beauty in the process.


What is baking anyway? The top makeup tip!

I really wanted to create a post detailing the art of baking, now I know the Great British Bake Off is back on TV now but I'm actually referring to makeup rather than cakes.

Baking is something that has been put in our face, not only by our favourite makeup celebrities (see Kim K), but also by our favourite YouTubers, I'm even partial to it myself! It's definitely a step for the makeup devotee's out there.

Makeup Artists and Drag Queens have used this technique for such a long time, that it's not actually as new as it seems. However, it is something that is new to the blogger and youtuber world, which is probably what has led you here.

What is this technique?

Once you have applied your foundation as normal, apply your concealer to the normal areas that you would want to highlight (see the picture below if you're not sure). Blend this out as you normally would, I recommend using a beauty blender to help with this.

Then take your loose translucent powder (see my next blog post for the products I love to use!) and apply it heavily over the top of the concealer you have just blended out. You then leave this powder in place for a long amount of time, if I'm in a rush I will apply it for 60 second, but sometimes this can be left for up to 30 minutes depending on the effect you want.

Once you are happy, just dust the powder away and finish your makeup as usual.

How does it work?

The powder uses the warmth of your skin to set the concealer, this helps to hide any fine lines under the eyes and stops your makeup melting away and revealing your hidden secrets underneath!

Have you tried baking? How do you feel about these makeup trends?


My go to Summer Fragrances

Ok, so I know summer is pretty much over, especially for us in the UK, however, I really wanted to share my favourite summer fragrances with you - and they can take you into autumn too!

Summer reminds me of berries, coconuts and sweet scents, and this is what I tend to reach for in the warmer months. Lets get into the breakdown of these perfumes:

1. Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'
This is the original Daisy scent, which has top notes of strawberry and grapefruit but base notes of musk and vanilla. This provides a sweet yet sophisticated scent that can be worn during the day and night.

2. Estee Lauder 'Bronze Goddess'
One of my favourite scents is orange, like the fruit. I'm not sure what it is about it, but it just screams summer to me, and this fragrance has notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin Orange. Needless to say, you will be left smelling like a goddess after spritzing this on yourself.

3. Victorias Secret 'Passion Struck' Body Spray
With a blend of apples and vanilla, the sweet light scent leaves you smelling fruity fresh. The only downside? The scent doesn't last very long - cue top ups throughout the day.

4.Viktor and Rolf 'Bon Bon'
This is described as 'Caramel characterizes the scent's evolution. From inception to completion, the caramel notes mature from a sharp, edible top note to softer and milkier in the middle then darkening to add depth to the base note.' This is definitely a more sophisticated, sweet scent, I'd recommend this if you are in your later teens.

5. Viktor and Rolf 'Flowerbomb'
Viktor and Rolf are making another appearance, I can't resist their perfumes (although the price tag can be off putting!). Described as 'a thousand flowers in a bottle', this perfume hits the nail on the head with the floral notes, which makes it perfect for Summer.

6.Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Eau So Fresh'
With fruity top notes of pear, raspberry and grapefruit, this fragrance enhances the feminine side of the original Daisy perfume. It's a lighter take on the classic, but the fragrance still lasts all day.

So there you have it, let me know your favourite summer perfume, and I'm sure I will have to buy it for blogging purposes, right?!


It has long been common knowledge that the foundation Kylie Jenner uses is the Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation. And of course, any living being is curious as to how well this foundation works because celebrity skin always looks flawless!

I took to Amazon, and bought this foundation to see if it's worth the hype, and to bring you beauties a review of this.

So for those of you who don't know, Mehron is a makeup brand that focuses on creating products to be used on stage and in performances, so it's generally thicker/brighter than your typical beauty products.

As soon as I received this foundation, I pulled it out of the packaging and started applying it. I will admit, the coverage is great, this foundation will not allow any imperfections to shine through. Unfortunately, this is the only positive point I can make about this foundation.

After wearing this foundation on multiple occasions, my skin has broken out and this is the biggest downfall for me as I would never want to have a foundation that causes spots, I only want it to hide those I already have. In addition, this foundation never fully sets, no matter how you apply it or what powder you use after it, it will always have a shine to it, but the shine is in all of the wrong places (namely the t-zone!), so you don't look dewy and fresh, you look oily and dirty.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this foundation, and I have already removed it from my collection due to this.

Have you tried this foundation, did it work for you?


How to Organise your Wardrobe | Featuring IKEA ALGOT

When it comes to organisation, I'm always looking for new ways to tidy things up and make things easier. I feel that in the UK it's pretty difficult to find storage options without spending a fortune.

I'm pretty lucky, as my wardrobe is a double mirrored I have plenty of space within it, but its no Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe.

I have one hanging rail which I cram everything on, I previously had clothes in boxes but the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' was too true and I would completely forget about clothes until I decided to forage through the boxes on the rare occasion. I decided that I wanted everything to be more visible, and easily available so I took a trip to Ikea.

After nearly losing myself, because lets face it who doesn't wonder aimlessly in Ikea, I came across the 'ALGOT' system. This is a system that allows you to choose between smaller mesh baskets, and larger ones so you can alter the unit to your needs and what you are storing. I found that my handbags needed the larger mesh basket, obviously, and my clothes could fit into the smaller ones.

I originally only bought one of these, however, after putting it in place I was really pleased with how it looked and how easy it was to access my less used pieces. This led me on to my second one, and I'm really happy with the storage in my wardrobe now.

What do you do to organise your clothes? Leave any tips and tricks in the comments for us all to use!
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