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Any beauty loving girl knows what a pain it is to have nail polish chip on you, it seems like you can't have two days of pretty nails before seeing a part where a piece has flaked off! Do you feel me beauties?!

This has quickly made painting my nails become a tedious job, and I call it a job because of the amount of time and effort we put into this (drying time still counts as part of the job). 

Well beauties, I have a solution for you - Sensationail Gel Polish!

I actually bought this kit for my mum last Christmas, and I've ended up borrowing it off of her more times than she's used it herself, or at least that's what it feels like.

This Christmas I decided to put it on my wish list, and lucky for me the boyf got it!

So what's in this kit?

As you can see in the picture above, the kit contains all of those on the left of the picture that aren't in a box. You receive the Sensationail Pro 3060 LED Lamp, the Gel Primer, Gel Cleanser, Gel Base and Top Coat, Babydoll Pink Gel Colour & White Gel Colour. The reason I receive both the pink and the white colours was due to me having the french manicure starter kit.

The cardboard packaging that the products initially come in is nice enough, it's compact which is good as some companies can create large packaging for a small product.

The 'packaging' of the products themselves are straight forward and simple, which is normally my favourite kind of packaging (unless we're looking at Benefit!). It's easy to identify which product you need to use, with each step.

However, there is always room for improvement with everything, and I think if Sensationail could make the colours of the polishes a little more obvious on the bottles then that would make things easier, although this isn't a problem with the products themselves.

Luckily this gel kit does come with instructions, which I definitely think you need to follow for the first couple of uses as there are a few steps.

Essentially, you have to prepare your nails, apply the gel primer, apply the base coat, apply the colour (I wouldn't recommend any more than two coats) and then top that off with the top coat.

Throughout this process you do need to 'cure' your nails under the lamp provided, which lights up for 60 seconds but beeps at 30 seconds to allow you to pull your nails out if it is an only 30 second cure. Again, this is all in the instructions.

I, personally, find this gel kit easy to use but I do still keep the instructions out in front of me each time.

The time it takes is around 15 minutes in total for both hands, which considering the drying time you need for standard nail polish, isn't long at all.

The key to application is not to get any on your skin!

The finish of this nail polish is definitely shiny, I haven't noticed any nail polishes that are gel and promote a matte finish.

I am a fan of the shiny finish though, I think it gives your nails a chic and healthy look to them.

In terms of longevity, I am very fond of this kit. It claims to last two weeks on the nails, and I can confirm that this does happen. You may get the tiniest chip at the edge of your nails, but nothing drastic or noticeable.

In terms of removal, I do find that at around the two weeks mark the nails do tend to just peel off which is great because it means that you aren't drastically damaging your nails using acetone, or digging the gel polish off.

Overall, I feel that I have converted to a gel nail polish lover because of this kit, and don't think I will want to use normal nail polish again (apart from on my toes because it never comes off of your toe nails does it?!).

Have you used this gel nail kit? Or another one? Let me know your thoughts on gel nails.



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