Powder for Dry Skin | Bourjois Silk Edition

Whilst I was strolling the aisles in Boots & Superdrug on the hunt for new products, I came across this new powder from Bourjois.

My skin has recently been leaning towards a little dry in particular areas, I think it's something to do with the treatment I use for spots, and I have noticed that some products like to cling to that area (I now understand the dry skin struggle!). 

The way I like to apply this powder, is with a brush. The little sponge it comes with is handy, but I find that they harbour bacteria, and if you kept putting that back into the product then the powder would basically become bacteria - ew!

Taking a big fluffy brush, I pick up powder onto it and then buff the powder into my skin. I find this powder works really well as a powder foundation. I tend to use this product after I have got home from work, and I want to refresh my makeup without having to do all of my makeup, or having to add layer upon layer. 

The product comes with a great sized mirror inside the sleek packaging. The packaging is a little confusing, I'm not entirely sure why the mirror can twist & turn in so many directions, however, that has no impact on the effectiveness of the product or the ability to carry it around in your bag without a worry.

Overall I'm really impressed with this powder, and I would highly recommend it to all skin types. It doesn't cling to dry patches at all, but it does mattify the skin without looking cakey. My oil doesn't slip through this product, which I know people with oily skin will love!

What are your thoughts on this product? Do you have a powder you love?


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