LORAC Pro Palette Dupes

This post should come with a picture overload warning, but I felt it was necessary to have them all.

These two palettes are the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 & 2. These were originally only available on their website, however, I wondered into Superdrug a couple of weeks ago and found these babies on the shelf, and knew I had to give them a go.

For those of you who don't know, Makeup Revolution are pretty amazing and making dupes for higher end products - and this is one of the reasons why I've fallen in love with this brand. Why would we go and spend a fortune, when we can get the same quality at a high street, affordable price?!

These are dupes for the Lorac Pro palettes (which are pretty difficult to get hold of in the UK anyway!). Both palettes contain 16 eye shadows in them, with the top 8 being matte and the lower 8 being shimmers. They contain a good mix of warm and cool tones, and are as pigmented as you could imagine.

The formula of these shadows is buttery, but easy to blend, and the colours compliment each other completely. You could make many looks from one of the palettes, or you could mix shadows from both and come up with many more looks. 

One of the highlights of this palette (and this brand), is that they are the first to put a usable brush in with it. Rather than a sponge applicator, they have a dual ended bristled brush with one end great for packing on colour, and the other great for bending.

Overall, I am completely obsessed with these palettes, and I would recommend you try them! For £6.99 it would be a crime to say no to them.

Are you loving this brand? Have you tried these palettes?


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