Milani Matte Lipsticks - Anastasia Beverly Hills DUPE

If you follow me on my YouTube channel, them I'm sure you already know the love I have for the Milani matte lipsticks, and it turns out that owning 3 of them wasn't enough for me.

I already own 60 Matte Innocence, 61 Matte Nude & 67 Matte Confident. I was so amazed by them, and their incredible price (£4!!!) that I really couldn't stop my self purchasing the above.

One of the reasons that these lipsticks blow me away is because they have a matte finish but are not drying in the slightest, which is one of the best things you could ask for in a matte lipstick. They really have hit the nail on the head with the formula.

You can definitely get away with applying these without a lip liner, however, if you want that perfect lip shape then I would always recommend using a lip liner for the crisp, clean edge.

I like to purchase mine off of - this is the only site I go on to purchase my much wanted American beauty products.

The only downside to Milani is that they aren't physically in the UK! 

Have you tried these lipsticks? Do you have a favourite Milani product?


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