Sensationail Gel Nail Kit Review | DIY Gel Nails

Any beauty loving girl knows what a pain it is to have nail polish chip on you, it seems like you can't have two days of pretty nails before seeing a part where a piece has flaked off! Do you feel me beauties?!

This has quickly made painting my nails become a tedious job, and I call it a job because of the amount of time and effort we put into this (drying time still counts as part of the job). 

Well beauties, I have a solution for you - Sensationail Gel Polish!

I actually bought this kit for my mum last Christmas, and I've ended up borrowing it off of her more times than she's used it herself, or at least that's what it feels like.

This Christmas I decided to put it on my wish list, and lucky for me the boyf got it!

So what's in this kit?

As you can see in the picture above, the kit contains all of those on the left of the picture that aren't in a box. You receive the Sensationail Pro 3060 LED Lamp, the Gel Primer, Gel Cleanser, Gel Base and Top Coat, Babydoll Pink Gel Colour & White Gel Colour. The reason I receive both the pink and the white colours was due to me having the french manicure starter kit.

The cardboard packaging that the products initially come in is nice enough, it's compact which is good as some companies can create large packaging for a small product.

The 'packaging' of the products themselves are straight forward and simple, which is normally my favourite kind of packaging (unless we're looking at Benefit!). It's easy to identify which product you need to use, with each step.

However, there is always room for improvement with everything, and I think if Sensationail could make the colours of the polishes a little more obvious on the bottles then that would make things easier, although this isn't a problem with the products themselves.

Luckily this gel kit does come with instructions, which I definitely think you need to follow for the first couple of uses as there are a few steps.

Essentially, you have to prepare your nails, apply the gel primer, apply the base coat, apply the colour (I wouldn't recommend any more than two coats) and then top that off with the top coat.

Throughout this process you do need to 'cure' your nails under the lamp provided, which lights up for 60 seconds but beeps at 30 seconds to allow you to pull your nails out if it is an only 30 second cure. Again, this is all in the instructions.

I, personally, find this gel kit easy to use but I do still keep the instructions out in front of me each time.

The time it takes is around 15 minutes in total for both hands, which considering the drying time you need for standard nail polish, isn't long at all.

The key to application is not to get any on your skin!

The finish of this nail polish is definitely shiny, I haven't noticed any nail polishes that are gel and promote a matte finish.

I am a fan of the shiny finish though, I think it gives your nails a chic and healthy look to them.

In terms of longevity, I am very fond of this kit. It claims to last two weeks on the nails, and I can confirm that this does happen. You may get the tiniest chip at the edge of your nails, but nothing drastic or noticeable.

In terms of removal, I do find that at around the two weeks mark the nails do tend to just peel off which is great because it means that you aren't drastically damaging your nails using acetone, or digging the gel polish off.

Overall, I feel that I have converted to a gel nail polish lover because of this kit, and don't think I will want to use normal nail polish again (apart from on my toes because it never comes off of your toe nails does it?!).

Have you used this gel nail kit? Or another one? Let me know your thoughts on gel nails.



Barry M Radiant Rod

I've raved about this product in a few of my videos on YouTube, and thought it was time to bring it to the blog!

As of quite recently, Barry M have been blowing me out of the water with their new product launches, and by far this Radiant Rod has been the highlight (hahaha) of those products.

This highlighter comes in the form of a chubby pencil, that you can wind up and down, with a clear lid that fits tightly over the top. I'm actually a fan of the packaging, as it makes it simple to use, but is effective.

With Summer in full swing, a golden highlighter is perfect for creating that sun kissed glow. This is a cream highlighter, so it's perfect for those days when you want to wear a more natural looking makeup such as with a BB cream, but it's also great to pair underneath a powder highlighter for an intense highlight that will last for hours!

This product would also be great for creating the new 'strobing' technique that is overtaking contouring now.

I picked mine up from Boots for £3.99.

Do you have a favourite highlighter? And what do you think of strobing?



I have been on a complete highlighter obsession for the past couple of months, and as someone who has combination skin it's rare to hear those words come from me. However, I feel like the more blowy your skin is, the healthier it looks! I must admit though, there is a clear distinction between looking glowy and looking sweaty and greasy.

When searching for highlighters I always felt that the best ones were available in the US only, and we were left with the glitter on your cheek drugstore versions, or the overly priced high end ones - neither of these options I was desperately wanting to part with money for.

That's when I came across this amazing highlighter by Essence. Whilst browsing the Wilko website for Essence makeup, there this little beauty was. This is the Essence Soo Glow Cream To Powder Highlighter.

As the name suggests, this product is more of a cream product that I find best to apply with my fingers, I love to place it on the top of my cheeks, on my brow bone and above my brows, occasionally I will place some of this on the tip of my nose and on my chin when I'm after that extra glow. You can definitely see this immediately, it isn't a subtle highlight but if you worked with it and blended it completely you could definitely make it subtle.

My favourite way to wear this product is to pair a powder highlighter over the top, as this really makes it intense and sets it in place. When you do this, it will. not. budge. 

This highlighter costs £2.80 which is an absolute bargain, and you can find it here I have the shade No. 10 and can't recommend it highly enough.

What's your favourite highlighter? And your favourite Essence product?


Powder for Dry Skin | Bourjois Silk Edition

Whilst I was strolling the aisles in Boots & Superdrug on the hunt for new products, I came across this new powder from Bourjois.

My skin has recently been leaning towards a little dry in particular areas, I think it's something to do with the treatment I use for spots, and I have noticed that some products like to cling to that area (I now understand the dry skin struggle!). 

The way I like to apply this powder, is with a brush. The little sponge it comes with is handy, but I find that they harbour bacteria, and if you kept putting that back into the product then the powder would basically become bacteria - ew!

Taking a big fluffy brush, I pick up powder onto it and then buff the powder into my skin. I find this powder works really well as a powder foundation. I tend to use this product after I have got home from work, and I want to refresh my makeup without having to do all of my makeup, or having to add layer upon layer. 

The product comes with a great sized mirror inside the sleek packaging. The packaging is a little confusing, I'm not entirely sure why the mirror can twist & turn in so many directions, however, that has no impact on the effectiveness of the product or the ability to carry it around in your bag without a worry.

Overall I'm really impressed with this powder, and I would highly recommend it to all skin types. It doesn't cling to dry patches at all, but it does mattify the skin without looking cakey. My oil doesn't slip through this product, which I know people with oily skin will love!

What are your thoughts on this product? Do you have a powder you love?


MUA Whipped Velvet Blusher Review

I've never been someone who gravitates towards cream blush, especially as someone with oily skin. However, recently I have really been enjoying the dewy skin makeup look. This doesn't mean to say I don't set my face with powder, because lets be real nobody actually wants to be an oil slick.

This is where this product comes in, this is the MUA Whipped Velvet blusher in the shade Spry 196, this has a cream texture but is a little bit more matte and carries more pigment than your typical cream blusher.

I like to apply this product on the apples of my cheeks and blend backwards towards my temple, I do this using my fingers as it warms up the product and helps it melt into the skin, blending seamlessly (which was something I had always worried about with cream products).

The texture feels quite moisturising once on the cheeks, and it doesn't break up when put over the top of powder products. You could apply this beneath your powder, and then apply a powder blusher over the top of this for double the amount of staying power.

Another brucey bonus, is that this product is a double use one. You can apply this on your cheeks, or on your lips, or both - the choice is yours!

These Whipped Velvet blushers come in 5 different shades, ranging from bright pink to bright red. At £3 each, who says you can't have them all right?!

Do you like cream products? What's your favourite MUA products?


Must Have Benefit Product | Benetint

I was on the hunt for a product that would allow me to have some colour on my lips, but still look natural and like my lips. In looking for this, I knew I would have to find a stain rather than a lipgloss or lipstick.

You wouldn't believe it, but there aren't many lip stains on the market (at least in the UK!). After many google searches, blog post reading & walking around stores I decided that Benefit would have the best selection for me. I swatched all of the shades on my lips, and benetint had the perfect shade that I was looking for.

Applied lightly, you can achieve a light wash of pink that looks like your natural lip colour, but if you layer this up you can get a red lip that looks worthy of eating lots of berries (that's close enough to your 5 a day, right?!).

Needless to say, I have found the everyday lip product that I was looking for - but also, if you choose, you can use it on your cheeks when you are going for a more natural makeup look.

The way I like to apply this is to run the applicator over my lips, and then use my finger to smooth it out. This way it doesn't budge and it doesn't leave any marks on straws or glasses, which is a bonus itself!

At £24.50 it is a little pricey, however, it's completely worth it in my eyes. Being a liquid it is going to last you a long time as you aren't using a huge amount to achieve the results you want.

Have you tried Benetint before? Or any of the other lip & cheek stains by Benefit? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Contouring with Maybelline | NEW PRODUCT ALERT!

I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. The drugstore are stepping up their game when it comes to contour kits (and lets be honest the UK market tends to lack these sorts of products anyway).

When I spotted these my eyes lit up, like a kid in a candy store. A contour kit to add to my collection, and by Maybelline, which cost £6.99. 

The powder, called the Master Sculpt, comes in two shades; 01 Light Medium & 02 Medium Dark. I picked up both as I thought that the colours weren't that dissimilar enough for me to only choose one. Plus, as a beauty junkie I definitely needed both anyway!!

01 Light Medium definitely has more of an orange tinge to it, which immediately made me think that this wouldn't work as a contour, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I used it. Using my Nars Ita Brush I carved out my cheek bones easily, without having to use a lot of product - this is another bonus as it means theres also value for money. The colour, although slightly more bronze, worked perfectly to contour the cheeks without coming across orange. It would definitely work for lighter skin, but I would recommend working with a light hand to ensure it doesn't go overboard.

The darker shade doesn't look distinctly darker in the swatch, although it is more of an ash based brown which is perfect for creating that dark shadow contour look. This darker shade would work perfectly with anyone who has more olive toned skin and darker, although I don't think this would work for people with a really dark skin tone as it wouldn't be dark enough.

In terms of longevity, this sculpting duo really hits the nail on the head. The product will not budge from your face, at least until you want it to. Those moments when we lean on our hands watching the day pass by, or lie down and end up having a half an hour nap, won't have anything on this product. 

The highlighter in both of these palettes is more of a pink tone highlight, the highlighter in the darker palette is slightly darker than the other but not dramatically. They are definitely more of a subtle highlighter, but that isn't to say that is a bad thing, it actually leaves you with a glow that looks like its coming from within.

Overall, I would definitely recommend stopping by your local high street store to purchase these (you can just opt for one haha). Maybelline are really coming out with some high quality products that are getting me excited for whats to come in the future, as well as what I can play with now.

What are your thoughts on these Master Sculpt duos? Would you purchase one?


LORAC Pro Palette Dupes

This post should come with a picture overload warning, but I felt it was necessary to have them all.

These two palettes are the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 & 2. These were originally only available on their website, however, I wondered into Superdrug a couple of weeks ago and found these babies on the shelf, and knew I had to give them a go.

For those of you who don't know, Makeup Revolution are pretty amazing and making dupes for higher end products - and this is one of the reasons why I've fallen in love with this brand. Why would we go and spend a fortune, when we can get the same quality at a high street, affordable price?!

These are dupes for the Lorac Pro palettes (which are pretty difficult to get hold of in the UK anyway!). Both palettes contain 16 eye shadows in them, with the top 8 being matte and the lower 8 being shimmers. They contain a good mix of warm and cool tones, and are as pigmented as you could imagine.

The formula of these shadows is buttery, but easy to blend, and the colours compliment each other completely. You could make many looks from one of the palettes, or you could mix shadows from both and come up with many more looks. 

One of the highlights of this palette (and this brand), is that they are the first to put a usable brush in with it. Rather than a sponge applicator, they have a dual ended bristled brush with one end great for packing on colour, and the other great for bending.

Overall, I am completely obsessed with these palettes, and I would recommend you try them! For £6.99 it would be a crime to say no to them.

Are you loving this brand? Have you tried these palettes?


Milani Matte Lipsticks - Anastasia Beverly Hills DUPE

If you follow me on my YouTube channel, them I'm sure you already know the love I have for the Milani matte lipsticks, and it turns out that owning 3 of them wasn't enough for me.

I already own 60 Matte Innocence, 61 Matte Nude & 67 Matte Confident. I was so amazed by them, and their incredible price (£4!!!) that I really couldn't stop my self purchasing the above.

One of the reasons that these lipsticks blow me away is because they have a matte finish but are not drying in the slightest, which is one of the best things you could ask for in a matte lipstick. They really have hit the nail on the head with the formula.

You can definitely get away with applying these without a lip liner, however, if you want that perfect lip shape then I would always recommend using a lip liner for the crisp, clean edge.

I like to purchase mine off of - this is the only site I go on to purchase my much wanted American beauty products.

The only downside to Milani is that they aren't physically in the UK! 

Have you tried these lipsticks? Do you have a favourite Milani product?


Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I've spoken about this GlamGlow mask on my YouTube channel before, and given it the raving it deserves. I'm sure everybody has heard about this, but I thought I would type up my two cents for what it's worth.

This mask claims to help in a skin crisis, also known as visible pores, blackheads & breakouts. It suggests that it can also help with brightening and evening out the skin tone - perfect for anyone with minor scarring.

The mask is costly, at £44.99 it does make it tear shedding to part with the money, but when a products actually achieves it's claims you feel like you can justify that purchase a little more. I usually pick this up from Marks & Spencers, I'm not sure why but I always prefer buying in store than I do online, I think it's the instant gratification.

You can use this mask all over the face for up to 17 times (roughly), or you can use it to treat specific areas. I usually leave this on for 20 minutes after applying a small layer over my entire face with my fingers, and then remove it with a face wipe, followed by avocado oil to replenish the skin. However, they do recommend that you remove this with warm water.

Have you tried a GlamGlow mask?


NARS Highlighter dupe?

As someone with oily skin, I can't say I reach for face highlighters on many occasions. I have a strange relationship with them, I love looking at them and swatching them, but once they hit my face I want to remove it straight away. On any other skin type, they look absolutely gorgeous.

For this reason, I tend to calm myself down when I add many to my basket. However, when I spotted this one by Makeup Revolution, I couldn't help but make the purchase.

This is the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. Not only had I heard that this was a great dupe for a very well known Nars highlighter in the blogosphere called Albatross, but the golden toned highlighters are great for a more olive complexion.

For £3 I was tempted to grab them all, but due to the above I was hesitant. Needless to say, I will be going back to add more to my basket (on there website they even have a highlighter palette that I definitely need right?!). I like to apply this product with a brush, and sweep it across the top of my cheek bones, on my cupids bow, and very lightly on my nose.

This leaves a gorgeous glow, without being too much or in your face, but if you are a highlight junkie, you could definitely build this up to a stronger highlight if you wanted.

Can I get a woop woop for highlighters that work for oily skin?!

Have you tried any of the MUR Highlighters? What is your one products you are lusting after by Makeup Revolution?


Cocoa Brown Fake Tan - The Best Fake Tan EVER?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered where your tan went? I feel like in the winter this happens to almost every girl, and I'm no exception.

Especially in the winter months, I long for the summer glow (which I'm pretty sure I don't even have in the summer haha). I've never really found that holy grail fake tan, the one that I find myself drawn towards and wanting to use non stop, the was until I was contacted by Cocoa Brown (they sent me the products pictured above - but only for consideration).

I think it's important to note two amazing points about this tan. The first is that it is a brown based tan, there is no hint of orange to it which means you get a much more natural looking tan. Secondly, it doesn't have that biscuit fake tan smell, it has a gorgeous fruity scent which is described as 'Tahitian Gardenia'.

When applying this tan, I will recommend that you use the mit and start rubbing it in immediately. The reason I suggest this is because it is quite a fast drying tan, which is a nice thing as you're not stood around flapping your arms and legs so you can sit down. Also, as this product is a mousse it means that you don't have to worry about it dripping or spilling.

As always, with any fake tan, it is best to wash and exfoliate your skin before applying this tan, that way you ensure an even layer with no streaks, this also increases the longevity of the tan.

Cocoa Brown say that the tan should last 7-10 days, but it definitely lasts around 14 days on myself which is a bonus because sometimes you I just can't be bothered to keep applying fake tan every couple of days.

Overall, I am completely obsessed with this tan, and would definitely recommend it despite being sent it. Especially as it costs £7.99 per can. This tan is available here (not affiliated).

Have you tried this fake tan? What are your thoughts?



Michael Todd Soniclear Facial Cleansing Brush | Review

There are an abundance of face brushes on the market, and I've tried a few to say the least varying from the lower end to the higher end. I've never really fallen in love with one, and kind of thought it was a bit of a hype.

Michael Todd contacted me and asked if I would like to try their Soniclear Skin Cleansing system, which is in essence a face brush.

I have to say, this is the first facial brush that I have been truly impressed with. The Clairsonic broke me out, and I became scared to use it as many had said that it caused broken blood vessels in the face (causing redness in the cheeks).

The Michael Todd Soniclear facial cleansing brush comes with two brush heads, a smaller one for the face and a larger one for the body, and the machine actually knows which brush head you have locked on so it can adjust the pressure of the brush. It uses sonic waves to help cleanse the skin, which can be adjusted according to your skin type, I like to use it on the sensitive skin setting.

It is a completely waterproof device, which is brilliant if you like to wash your face in the shower. It also has grips on the sides of the handle, which makes it easier to use.

Perhaps my most favourite aspect of this brush is the anti-microbial protection, which is explained as 'SONICLEAR combines LIFE's patent-pending organic antimicrobial technology with another EPA registered LIFE antimicrobial to render microbes unable to reproduce and interfere with their uptake of nutrients. Safe, effective and long lasting, the antimicrobial product protection in SONICLEAR doesn't wash out or wear off so the brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer.' So basically, this brush head won't allow the build up of bacteria on it!!


The above picture is from Michael Todd's website, which shows the difference that the anti-microbial protection can have.

It also comes with a charge stand, which is so handy as this doubles up as storage, and you can tell when the battery is full as it has three lights on it which once they are all lit, lets you know.

At £120 it is a bit pricey, however, I have got you a discount code that will get you 20% off! (You can thank me later), which will come off at the checkout using this link


Loreal Infallible Matte Foundation Review

This foundation has been a long time coming for me, as an avid YouTube beauty vlogger and viewer, I've seen some of my American counterparts raving about this foundation for a while now. As per usual, us Brits have to sit and wait for it to finally be released in the UK (does anyone know why we have to wait longer?!). Once it was released I was straight out to buy it, any foundation that claims to be matte, full coverage and long lasting deserves a place in my collection.

The foundation I'm speaking typing of? Loreal Infallible 24h Matte foundation, duh!

There is no smell to this foundation, which is a huge plus for me, if something is going to sit on my face for most of the day I don't want to be reminded of it. The packaging is great for me too, as I have complete control over how much product I decide to use (which by the way, a little goes a long way!), and it has a screw on cap which means the foundation is securely locked inside.

Oh the formula, how I love thee. Once on the face it is such a lightweight foundation, it feels like I have nothing on, whilst providing full coverage so much so that you can even skip concealer, could we really ask for more?! No need, as it is also the first foundation that claims to be matte and actually is, powder doesn't change the appearance of this foundation it only helps with the longevity, I wore this for around 9 hours and it didn't budge - this was also through exercise. 

I don't think I would recommend this foundation to those of you with dry skin, as I believe that it would feel uncomfortable on the skin - however you would probably like the original Infallible foundation which slides off of oily skin after around 2 hours.

Overall, I am in love with this foundation. I would highly recommend it to those of you with combination/oily skin, and if you have pigmentation or acne that you would like to cover. I have got a first impressions video of this foundation, to watch that click here.

What are your thoughts on this foundation? Have you tried it?


Maybelline Lash Sensational | Review

Maybelline have always been the Queen of Mascaras brand for me, I can't say that they have ever made a mascara that I hate. My everyday mascara is a Maybelline one (The Rocket) and forever will be, so when I heard that they were releasing a new mascara, I couldn't contain myself, and the moment it came out I ran to Boots to get my mitts on it!

This is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (£7.99). Maybelline claim that this mascara 'captures even the tiniest lashes and volumises the look of longer lashes for a layered, multiplied lash look' and I have to say I completely agree. You can apply one coat for a more natural look, but apply a second, or even third, coat and HELLO GORGEOUS, VOLUMINOUS AND LONG LASHES!!!

The packaging of this mascara is so cute, it is a rose gold shade which we are all in love with at the moment (am I right?!) which screws shut nicely. I love the shape of the packaging as well, it gives it a little something without being too extravagant. 

As for the brush, I actually love the 'spoon' shape as I feel it moulds to the eyelid a lot easier than when they are just straight wands. Also, what makes this brush really easy to use is that on the inside of the spoon it has shorter bristles which are great for volumising and getting really close to the lashes to ensure they are jet black, and then the longer bristles on the back of the brush are great for separating and lengthening the lashes - it really does lengthen and volumise!

One of the main reasons I love the Maybelline mascaras is due to the price point as well, they are so affordable and a lot of the time you can get them on an offer of some kind too.

The only downside that I can find to this mascara, is that it isn't available in waterproof!

Have you tried a Maybelline mascara? If so, what's your favourite one? Do you want to try this one?


The New Chocolate Bar Palette In Town - Move Over Too Faced

Do you remember how everyone went beauty crazy over the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette? At £39 I wasn't too willing to jump at buying it (especially if you've seen the amount of eyeshadow palettes I own!) Move over Too Faced, Makeup Revolution have brought out their own version of your palette and the competition is high! And priced at £7.99, why wouldn't you buy it lets be honest?!

This is the 'I Heart Chocolate' palette, which is from the I Heart Makeup collection by Makeup Revolution. It contains 16 eyeshadows, which range from mattes, shimmers to glitter shadows that are all in a warm tone. The packaging looks like a melted chocolate bar (be prepared for it to make you hungry!) and inside it has a lovely large sized mirror which is great for helping to create the perfect smokey eye, or natural look that you can achieve with this palette. It does come with a dual-ended brush, however, it's one of those sponge brushes that aren't much use when you are actually trying to create a blended look.

My thoughts on this palette are that it is blimmin' amazing! The pigment of these shadows is incredible, as well as the staying power (I haven't used a primer underneath them yet, so I'm sure that would make the longevity 10x better). I would say the eyeshadows have a more powdery feel to them, rather than buttery, but this doesn't take away from the quality of the shadows. And the variation of colours in the palette allows you to create such a wide variety of looks on your eyes, so much so that this palette would become one of your staples in no time!

Overall, I'm really happy with this palette and I'm definitely interested in purchasing the other two that they currently have (have you seen the white chocolate one?!) For what it means to you, my recommendation would be that everyone should have one of the chocolate palettes in their collection.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? What are your thoughts on this palette?



Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes Review

Every girl who is obsessed with makeup loves some pretty makeup brushes, but the last thing we want to do is sacrifice great quality for beauty. I'd seen some reviews of the Zoeva brushes, and had always thought about trying them. They are a bit more expensive than other makeup brushes so I wasn't willing to fork out the money any time soon, but then Christmas came along and so did the wish list! The minute I set my eyes on these gorgeous rose gold brushes I was in love, and knew I wanted them.

The brushes have a black handle, with rose gold writing on the handle. The metal that helps to hold the bristles in the brush is also rose gold, which is so beautiful and really gives a feminine, luxurious feel to them. The bristles themselves are synthetic, which makes them perfect to use with liquid as they won't soak up all of the product, but they are also perfect to use with powder as well!

The 102 Silk Finish brush I love to use for foundation, it gives a really flawless finish, and if you press the foundation into the skin with it, you are poreless too! The bristles on the 106 Powder brush are so soft, that you get a luxurious feel as you apply your powder, who doesn't want that?! The 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush is my favourite for blush, I feel like it helps blend out the blush as you apply it - super helpful!

I won't go through every brush, but needless to say, I love them all so much and would highly recommend them. This rose gold set costs £55, and they ship to so many countries at a reasonable price. If you aren't interested in rose gold, they do so many other brushes that you will be in heaven!

What do you think of these brushes? Have you tried them?


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