NEW Maybelline Brow Satin Review

I'm so pleased to see drugstore/high street brands dipping their fingers into the brow world. Eyebrow products used to be a thing of high end, or difficult to get hold of in the UK, but thanks to Anastasia and other brow brands we can now see our favourite drugstore brands selling dupes!

This product caught my eye because not only does it have a typical pencil end, but it also has an end which has powder on it. The product says that you are supposed to define your brows with the pencil end, and then fill with the powder. I got mine in the shade 'Dark Blond', as the rule of thumb is to go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair colour.

I first used this product and immediately the end of the pencil snapped off, I was a little annoyed but carried on as it may have been a one off, which after continued use it was. I initially noticed that the pencil is more of a waxy texture, so there's not a lot of colour pay off, but really that's what you want from a brow product. Once this product is on the brow hairs, it does almost glue them down, but I think this is because you are supposed to follow it up with the second step, filling them in with the powder. This was such a strange concept to me, because I do either/or; fill in my brows with a pencil, or fill in my brows with powder. I was actually quite impressed with how it turned out, my brows were filled but weren't fake looking, and because of the powder formula to fill them in, it was easy to blend out with my finger anywhere that might have looked a little too strong. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend you give this a try if you haven't already. I'm not sure it's enough to make me want to run away from my Anastasia Brow Wiz, but it's certainly a great product that I would purchase again. And for £5.99, you can't complain really can you?!

What are your thoughts? Would you buy this?


P.s. to see this product in action, click here
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