Essie Autumn Nail Polish

I have always been a magpie for nail polish (do you call it polish or varnish?!), and since Boots started selling Essie I have had to make difficult decisions on which colours to pick up, and which ones to walk away from and shed a tear for.

Since purchasing these three beauties, they are all I have been reaching for. Left to right we have Chocolate Cakes, Sole Mate and Buy Me A Cameo. The first two can look very similar in certain lights, as both have a purple brown tone in them. However, Sole Mate (in the middle) definitely has more of a Burgundy colour to it, whereas Chocolate Cakes (on the left) has more of a brown tone to it. As for Buy Me A Cameo (on the right), this little beauty is what I would call Rose Gold in a nail polish. It definitely leans more towards gold than rose gold, but catch it in the right light, or at the right angle and hello beautiful rose gold goodness.

I apply these straight out of the bottle onto the nails, and the skin, and all of them you could definitely get away with one coat in a hurry, but two give the perfect opacity. And the lasting power of these actually surprises me, they last at least 5 days without a chip, impressive!

These are definitely my nail colours for the autumn. What colours are you loving to wear?


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