17 Things I Learnt in 2017.

1. Mental Health is SO important.
I've had a few mental health experiences this year, and last year, and I have to say that it is truly awful. Each experience is different for everyone, and just as awful. If you can find a way to get through this, then you will come out so much stronger on the other side, and if you are going through difficulties at the moment make sure you talk to someone, like family or friends, or speak with the following:

Anxiety UK: 08444 775 774 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm)
MIND: 0300 123 3393 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm)
NoPanic: 0844 967 4848 (daily, 10am-10pm)
Samaritans: 116 123 (free 24-hour helpline)

2. Going to the gym can be fun.
I've been a member of a gym on and off multiple times, but since October 2017 I cannot tell you how much I now enjoy going to the gym. I'm not sure what has caused this change, perhaps now I am just ready to take on the gym, plus the physical differences help to motivate!

3. People can surprise you, even if you have known them for a really long time.
This is so true, Jack (my boyfriend) has shown me so many times that even after 10 years there are still so many traits that he has that I did not know, and these traits are for the better - a true gentleman.

4. Value true friendship.

5. You cannot alter people's opinions.
For better or for worse, you cannot alter someone's opinions to suit your own. Animal cruelty comes to mind when I talk about this - I am so passionately against this that I find it difficult to understand those who ignore it like it doesn't happen.

6. You can achieve what you WANT to achieve.

Achieving something is an amazing feeling, but you will only achieve what you want to achieve - what you put all of the effort into. If you want something badly enough, you will move mountains to make it happen.

7. Be yourself.

8. Change is good.

9. It's ok to not know.
When I was younger I would have thought my 26 year old self would have life figured out, but there are still moments now where I wonder what I'm doing, or where I'm going. Initially this did panic me, but over months I've learnt that this is ok, and that as long as you are happy in that moment then you are living.

10. Experiences over material things.

11. Harry Potter is a classic.

12. Naps are everything.

13. Time can heal.
This links to number 1, there are things that no matter how hard they are, you have to allow time to heal.

14. I love jet-skiing.
Thanks Spain.

15. I love to cook and bake.

16. There's always room to improve.

17. Get the extra storage on your new phone.
Pictures. Say no more.


New Years Resolutions for 2018

As it's coming to the end of 2017, I wanted to share my goals with you for 2018. These can be small goals, or goals that almost seem unachievable. 

Writing your goals down is a good way to reinforce them, and if you print them off and frame them then you have that daily reminder to look at. Also, how satisfying is it to tick something off?!

So here it goes, my goals for 2018:

1. Attend 2 concerts
I am a massive lover of music, and have not attended enough concerts. In 2018 I hope to tick another two off of my bucket list, Little Mix are up there as one of the ones I want to attend.

2. Move into my own home with Jack
I'm not sure if this counts as cheating, as we have already started discussing this with a financial advisor and looking at properties, but in 2018 I hope to make this a reality.

3. Become Vegan
I have been vegetarian for almost 3 years (February will be my veggieversary), but after watching many videos and multiple instagram stories, I am now convinced that I want to be vegan. I think that this will be a bigger transition than becoming vegetarian, but like a lot of things, it's just a learning process that will get easier as time goes on. In 2018 I will become 100% vegan.

4. Do more for charity
I'm sure that this is something that everybody can do, but I wanted to put it as one of my goals. I try to donate monthly to a charity, and I give money to charities that I walk past when visiting the supermarket. However, I am hoping to be able to go and help out at a cattery - this is a charity that is close to my heart so I want to start here, and then hopefully I can help more.

5. Learn another language
This has been something that I have wanted to achieve for quite some time, I think I find it difficult as I'm not sat in a classroom being taught like back at school. However, I would like to learn French. I studied French when I was at school, but the minute I left I forgot everything that I needed to know.

6. Learn another skill
I've called this skill, but really what I would like to do is learn to play the piano. This, again, is something that I have wanted to achieve for a long time - I definitely think this is going to require a lot of patience!

7. Blog more...
I have no problem with writing blog posts, or even coming up with the ideas! The area that I lack skills, is the photography side. I don't know what picture to take, or how to take it, they all end up looking like the same plain photography that I'm trying to avoid. Perhaps I will take a class to figure this out, or read a lot more blog posts to improve - in turn, this will help me to blog a lot more!

Remember, if you didn't achieve your goals for 2017 there's nothing wrong with carrying them over into 2018. Working towards something positive in your life shouldn't have a strict time limit on it, as long as you are happy.

What are your resolutions for 2018?


My Go To Makeup Bag | The Flat Lay Co.

I am a big lover of makeup, that's no secret. I've spent as little as £1 on products, but I've also spent a lot more than that - because of this I always want my makeup to be stored in a place that I can look after it well. I'm still a lover of a makeup bag, even when I'm just using my makeup at home, I like that all of my everyday essentials are stored in one place.

I was contacted by The Flat Lay Company, and I was really excited to receive the makeup bag that they were offering to let me try.

The idea behind these makeup bags is that you can fully open up the makeup bags, and not only will they store your makeup in but they will help protect the surface where your makeup is - you don't have to set the makeup down outside of the bag, you can do it all whilst using the space of the makeup bag itself.

What makes it super handy is that it has a drawstring, which helps to pull it open and close it up within seconds. This also means that when you are in a rush, it's really easy to close it up and carry your makeup away with the handle provided. The zip on the inside means you can protect smaller items to prevent you from losing them, as well as a pocket on the outside for any larger items that don't require as much protection.

It's needless to say, I am in love with this makeup bag, and over time my love for it has strengthened as I find it even more helpful when staying with family or friends, or travelling abroad on a nice holiday.


Becoming VEGAN | My Journey ft. Lucy Watson Feed Me Vegan

I've been a vegetarian for 3 years now, it was something that I had always wanted to do but didn't know how. I think that sounds crazy typing it now, but also I know what I mean. How do you replace food that you have always known to eat? I had a failed attempt at becoming a vegetarian once, but the second time it just happened. (If you would like a blog post with more info about how I became a veggie, let me know!).

I feel like I am now in the same position with becoming a vegan, it's something that I want to do but I'm not sure how to do it. I do find this to be more difficult than being a vegetarian, mainly because when I check out the menus at restaurants I don't find that they offer a lot for vegans.

In my bid to becoming closer to a vegan, I purchased Lucy Watson's "Feed Me Vegan" recipe book. In here is everything, from snacks to tummy filling dinners - and the best part is that you don't miss any of the animal derived ingredients because they are so full of flavour!

Do you have a favourite vegan recipe book? I'm always open to new ideas that will help me on my vegan journey!

The BEST Fake Tan | Loving Tan Review

I've never been a fan of sun bathing, not only is it boring but it's so damaging for the skin! This is why I'm an avid lover of fake tan, I'd rather spend my evenings slathering the tan over my skin to create the illusion of gorgeous bronzed, sun kissed  skin! However, there's nothing worse than a fake tan that is so orange that I'm trying to convince myself that it looks ok, or one that is strongly green based that I question if I'm Princess Fiona (Shrek reference) when I'm putting it on.

This is where Loving Tan comes into play, I have seen so many beauty bloggers and YouTubers talking about this tan that I had to give it a go. The company did reach out to me and offer to send me the product, however, this blog post was not requested by them and they are not paying me for this.

Loving Tan is an Australian product, so it is a little bit more difficult for us in the UK to get hold of. However, I can confess that it is worth it. Just look at my before and after below:

The tan has a green base but not overpowering, which makes it look more natural (rather than having an orange/red base which is really unnatural looking). The tan has a perfect guide colour so you can see where you are applying it, and it helps you to make sure there are no patches - something I know we've all been guilty of in the past!

I tend to leave the tan on overnight, and allow for it to develop in this time. In the morning, I then remove the guide colour to reveal a gorgeous but natural looking tan - I've even had to tell people that it's fake as they have been convinced that it's real. It gives me the tan that I desire to have, so the fact that I've almost used up the bottle makes me really sad, but it's definitely something I'm willing to repurchase (I just might have to bulk buy!). In terms of longevity, this tan lasts me around 2 weeks. It does tend to start wearing off in this time, and if I scrub it off it means that it fades away nicely without any awkward 'dirty' marks.

The Bronze Shimmer Wear Off tan is perfect for those nights out, its something i love to either wear on it's own or pop it on top of the tan I'm already wearing. It has the most subtle of shimmer, which just makes you look glowing. And the biggest plus side - this doesn't wear off on your clothes, it takes 60 seconds to dry and you're good to get dressed and go about your day night, and then it simply washes off when you get in the shower, pretty impressive right?

If you can't tell, I'm so impressed with Loving Tan, and the fact that it was sent to me is just a bonus. I would never allow this to distort my opinions on any product.

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